Dry Brushing Benefits

  • Brighter, Plumped Skin
  • Advanced Exfoliation
  • Gentle Lymphatic and Immune Support
  • Smooths Appearance of Cellulite and Skin Bumps
  • Adrenal Support
  • Daily Detoxification Support
  • Daily Self-Massage Benefits


This is a very nice set. It had all of the brushes I wanted and was the only set I could find that had all 4. I have only used for a week, I think I am seeing some positive changes to my skin.
My partner and I have been using our new dry brush set and absolutely love it!! We have noticed softer, healthier-looking skin and increased circulation- which has been an amazing tool for dealing with the extreme cold this winter. We also love the smaller face brush, and the option to use different brush heads. The brushes seem very strong and of super high quality. We think we'll have this kit for a long time and are excited to continue using it as a daily self care ritual <3
This is a good set. I'm glad I bought it. Opening the package was gratifying, looks very nice in the box, packaged like a gift. I like having four brush heads to use. I leave the cellulite one on the couch, for when I'm watching TV in my pajamas. High quality, and I have bought brushes from other manufacturers and been disappointed. No disappointment with this set. Even the tri-fold instruction brochure is worth saving, inspiring.
G. Williams

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Welcome to a new vision for beauty.

We believe self-love + health = beauty.

Here's how we got there.

Sidney founded Glow Utopia when she started struggling with skin issues like premature aging and extreme dryness. After spending tons of money on overpriced makeup, creams, and serums, she realized most of them didn’t make a difference. Finally understanding that she needed more holistic support because skin health was related to overall health, she experimented with dry brushing.

She detoxed her bathroom of the expensive products that made little if any difference, and opted for a simplified approach that emphasized natural, nourishing ingredients and multi-tasking superstars – those products that would support health and beauty at the same time.

Because of its many benefits, a daily dry brushing ritual was one of them.

This experience taught her how profoundly skin appearance, health, and overall wellbeing could impact self-esteem. Knowing other women struggled with similar issues, she wanted to create a holistic beauty company that focused on multi-tasking superstars while redefining beauty. She sees daily dry brushing a self-love ritual that almost anyone can benefit from.

She hopes Glow Utopia will inspire women to embrace the beauty that happens whenever their self-love meets their health.

Here's to your #realglow!

The World Isn't Perfect But Your Skin Should Be.

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