4 Ways To Actually How Use A Self-Massage Tool for Advanced Skin Care

The self-massage tool is the humble Clark Kent of your self-car toolbox. Give it just a little chance, and you’ll quickly see the “S” on its “chest,” so to speak.

In this short video, the second of a short, 3-part series, I discuss specific ways to use a self-massage tool you might not have thought of. 

You can watch video 1, where I introduce the tool and discuss using it on face or body here. And be sure to note the stealth neck and scalp massage tip at the end! 

Of course, just in case I need to point this out, there are as many ways to use the self-massage tool as there are people! Here, I cover a few essential ways I see most people (including myself) using it for advanced skin care and wellness.

Some topics I discuss:

  • Using self-massage for total body or spot treatments
  • Hands-free lotion application
  • Reducing appearance of cellulite 
  • Detoxification and lymph drainage support
Remember, a self-massage tool comes in every Ritual Glow Dry Brush Set. But whether you use ours, or another tool, these tips will be relevant.
I hope this video gives you some juicy ideas on how a self-massage tool can help you meet your wellness or skin care goals.