Facial Dry Brushing Method for Glow, Puffiness, and Lymphatic Support

Everyone is hearing about how good dry brushing is for the skin. But seeing is believing and even though I sell a dry brush set, even I was surprised to see my skin transform before my eyes on this video! After I dry brushed, it looked tighter, more lifted, and more than anything, glowy. I don’t dry brush my face as often as I should but after watching this video, I might just challenge myself to a 30-day habit.

Now before going on, my disclaimer is I’m wearing a little makeup in the video. That’s because I wasn’t quite ready to go totally bare-faced on YouTube yet. I mean have you seen the comments on YouTube videos lately? God, give me strength. But rest assured, the live skin transformation cannot be faked or edited — at least I would not know how to do that!

You, my love, should start with a clean, dry face. The other most important thing to remember is CUSTOMIZE YOUR PRESSURE. DO NOT press too hard. If you feel the dry brush is too harsh on your skin, lighten it up until it is comfortable. It will still be effective and the skin needs time to acclimate to stiff, dry bristles.

If you’re integrating dry brushing into your daily skin care routine, it’s ideal to do it before cleansing in the morning. But if this doesn’t work for you, do it however it makes sense. Be careful and use common sense when layering or using other exfoliants with dry brushing. Skin needs are so variable that I can’t give adequate advice on this. Just know your skin, go slow, and do what feels right.