Good Vibes For Summer Skin: 11 Ways To Prevent Summer Skin Hangover



Vacations, sun, sand, sea, travel. Festivals, camping, air conditioning . . . oh my!

Let’s face it. If we take a vacation from skin care, summer can devastate our skin. The summer skin hangover usually doesn’t show up until early Autumn. And the only way to prevent it is to focus on nourishment and protection – all summer long. Because we’re often busy and on the move we also need easy, effortless ways to care for our skin.

Sprinkle skin care throughout the day: Combating seasonal skin onslaught means doing more than just AM and PM skin care routines. Most of the tips below will enable you to integrate skin protection and nourishment throughout your day, no matter how busy you are.

Choose the most hydrating foods and drink and consume often: It only takes a few moments to cut up a cucumber, watermelon, or cantaloupe. Munch on one of these, or an equally water-dense food, a few times a week.

Easily track hydration: Use the same water bottle or cup and filling it up a certain number of times per day.

Mineralize your water: Purified and distilled water is also dead water because it contains few to no minerals, which your body needs to more readily absorb – you guessed it – water. Easily mineralize your water with a scant pinch of quality sea salt.

Iced teas are your BFFs: Dispel water boredom by making a gallon of your favorite iced herbal tea.

Drink essential oils: Add even more health and detox benefit by adding 2-3 drops of food safe essential oil to the gallon of tea, like peppermint, lemon, wild orange, cassia, grapefruit, lavender, ginger, or lime. Remember, health benefits translate to the best skin benefits. ONE drop of a therapeutic grade essential oil is equivalent to 1 2 oz. bottle of the dried herb.

Keep multiple sunscreens in multiple places: Most sunscreen actually wears off after 2-3 hours! This means you need multiple applications. You need sunscreen for face and body. I keep 1 in my bathroom, 3 by my door, 1 in my car and 2 in my purse. I have sprays, rub-on lotion types, sticks, and a sunscreen in a compact that I made. Look for my Youtube video soon with my specific recommendations as well as my skin-saving DIY sunscreen compact tutorial.

Hats. They’re fun. Wear them.

Keep raw shea butter nearby: Oh, shea butter. How I love you. Shea butter is good for 2 things: protecting your skin from things like wind and campfires AND re-hydrating your skin after you’ve gotten too much of things like wind and campfires. If you have dry, aging skin like me, you might find your skin drying out in late afternoon. Patting a very light application of shea butter on your face will not only hydrate it but provide a moisture lock for the rest of the day. Shea butter also has a beauty bonus worth mentioning. It leaves a very subtle, healthy, dewy highlight.

Use a tool to massage lotions or oils on your body: Massaging a lotion or oil into your skin presses it further down into the pores, providing less evaporation, a longer absorption period and better overall moisturizing. Using a massage tool also makes sure more of it gets where you want it to go, not your hands. It’s also incredibly relaxing and can provide a light, fascia and muscular massage. There are many massage tools available. We provide one in our dry brush kit that can be used with or without the handle so you can reach every part of the body.

Vary exfoliation methods: Exfoliate regularly unless your skin has been damaged or compromised by sunburn, insect bites, etc. Dry brushing once a day helps nourish skin with better blood flow and helps skin exfoliate on its own. Once or twice a week, try using a peeling gel on your face. You’ll be shocked at the amount of skin that comes off but the soft skin underneath is well worth it!

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