Glowing Skin Care Tip: Gratitude (+ Printable)

“In Japan, we have a custom of saying “Itadakimasu,” roughly meaning “I gratefully receive this.” We do this to humbly thank the organisms of the plant and animal kingdoms that we are about consume for the sake of our physical well-being. Gratitude is very important for achieving beauty. In the same way, I thank my own skin every day during my skin care routine. In response, the skin will be gratified and increase its beauty.” 

Chizu Saeki

Gratitude isn’t an essential step to most beauty or skin care routines. And almost no one has talked about whether it has any connection to outer beauty, or what the nature of that connection could be.

But as a beauty brand committed to nurturing and inspiring you to value and embrace your inner glow, we think it’s a worthy discussion.


Our language and thinking around skin care is most often about “getting rid” of something but that something is actually a part of ourselves.


Remember, your skin is your biggest organ. It’s the last organ to receive vital nutrients. It’s the workshorse that constantly protects you, literally enabling you to walk through and interact in this world. It often shows the earliest signs of mental, emotional, and physical stress.

It’s the skin’s connection to health that makes it a key communicator of beauty and fertility signals, something we as humans are wired to unconsciously note within seconds of seeing one another’s faces.

This is the underlying reason we often get fixated on erasing anything that sends out the wrong signals.

What are these signals, exactly?

Generally, these signals can be categorized by what Chizu Saeki calls the “5 Goals of Skin Care”:

5 Cornerstones of Skin Care

  • Moisture
  • Smoothness
  • Firmness
  • Elasticity
  • Clarity

We’ve included a printable with these 5 cornerstones along with 13 essential indicators to evaluate them HERE.

Now that you have a basic idea of the key indicators of skin health and beauty, what does this have to do with gratitude?

Can’t you just physically pummel your way to skin health and beauty with the right nutrition, products, and routine?


But we think skin, like your body, needs love and appreciation to thrive. Just like YOU DO. Sending messages of gratitude to yourself – especially any part of your body – can affect your emotional wellbeing, which shows up in (you guessed it) your skin.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Most Beautiful Of Them All?


Can we prove any of this?

Someone probably could. But for now, let’s acknowledge that this is less about science and more about your emotional reality, your subjective experience. Does that count for anything? We think that’s a great question. How do your emotions and self-esteem affect your skin, and how do your perceptions of it affect its appearance?

Are you obsessed with perfection? Do you punish yourself or constantly come up short whenever your appearance doesn’t conform to your mental standards?

In the spirit of science, we suggest you perform an experiment to discover your own truth.

Each morning or night, as you perform your skin care routine, take a moment to uplift your skin by telling it thank you. It will take mere seconds. At the end of the week, look at yourself in the mirror and see if you can glimpse a more a little more beauty glowing through the old cracks of insecurity, despair, or self-esteem.

And remember: if you feel more beautiful, you ARE more beautiful.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 5 goals of skin care, we encourage you to read The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki.


Remember to grab your free Printable The 5 Goals of SkinCare Checklist!