Prime Day 2018 Dry Brush Sale + Sneak Peak of Our DIY Skin Care Guide

Prime Day is July 16th and we’re celebrating with a sneak peek of our upcoming Glow inspired DIY Guide. All the recipes are infused with our philosophy that self love + health = beauty.

Each enhances your regular dry brush and massage routine. If you haven’t got a routine yet, Prime week is a great time to snag a deal and begin. To purchase our Ritual Dry Brush Set at a Prime Week price, click here.

For a truly therapeutic blend, it’s recommended to use about 28 drops of oil per ½ ounce of base. For a less concentrated yet still effective massage blend, use about 50 drops per 4 ounces of base.* Adjust ingredients or amounts for your skin sensitivity and preferences.

There are a few great essential oil companies that produce therapeutic grade, pure essential oils. Feel free to use any of them but we endorse DoTerra because that’s what we use!

All recipes use either 2 or 4 ounce containers.


The Ultimate Magnesium Mister, 4 oz.

3 oz. Magnesium Spray

1 oz. Unscented aloe leaf juice (make sure it’s at least 99% pure aloe)

35 drops of Copaiba essential Oil

30 drops of Cypress essential Oil

Give Me Peace Anti-Anxiety Body Spray, 4 oz.

Fill with 1/2 aloe leaf juice and ½ rosewater

50 drops Vetiver essential oil

50 drops Lavender essential oil

50 drops Copaiba essential oil

2 drops Rose oil

Precious: A Beauty Oil for Inner and Outer Radiance, 2 oz.

½ Frankincense oleoresin oil (You don’t see this much. Small, handcrafted batches are available on ETSY)

¼  Jojoba oil

¼ Rosehip oil

40 drops Frankincense essential oil

15 drops Myrrh essential oil

15 drops Sandalwood essential oil

Oxygenating Cellular Regeneration Sugar Scrub, 2 oz.

½ cup Raw sugar

½ cup Grapeseed oil

50 drops of DDR PRIME Cellular Complex

25 drops Sandalwood essential oil

De-Frizz Me Aloe, Keratin and Peppermint Hair Mist, 2 oz.

Fill ½  with Aloe Leaf juice

Fill ¼ with Hydrolized Keratin

Fill ¼ with Rice Bran oil

30 drops Peppermint essential oil

20 drops Geranium essential oil

Grow! Scalp Oil, 2 oz.

¾ Castor oil

¼ Argan oil

30 drops Rosemary essential oil

25 drops Cedarwood essential oil

25 drops Lavender essential oil

“The Art of Blending,” Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide To Using Essential Oils. AromaTools. 2107. 2ed ed.