Using A Self-Massage Tool for Advanced Wellness + Skin Care (Ninja Edition)

Here is one of my best kept secrets:

Using a self-massage tool to increase product absorption and efficacy of medicinal essential oils and skin nutrients takes your game to new level.

When you do this, not only can you experience the benefits of self-massage, but you ALSO get more benefits from whatever skin or body loving product you happen to be applying. 

How does this happen?

In this video, the final installment in a 3-part series on using your self-massage tool, I go into this and more.

Here are some more video highlights:

  • Skin product delivery, skin absorption and efficacy :08
  • Essential oils, skin nutrients and sub-dermal delivery 1:36
  • Suggestions for How Often You could use your self-massage tool 2:17
I hope you enjoy this video and remember, you get a self-massage tool with every Ritual Glow Dry Brush Set!
Whether you choose to use the tool in our set, or another one, I hope this series has given you ideas on how to use self-massage for advanced skin care and wellness — in the comfort of your own home.
Sidney @ Glow Utopia